The maximum amount of time that the connector waits for an HTTP server to respond when establishing a connection.

The value of this parameter is a time duration. Specify the duration in the following format:

     1years 2months 3weeks 4days 5hours 6minutes 7.8seconds

You can omit any of the individual durations when they are not required:

     6minutes 7seconds

You can also shorten the string by abbreviating the units to their first letter (months abbreviates to m, minutes to n):

     6n 7s

If you want to specify the value in seconds, no units are required:


The following are all equivalent:

     1minute 3seconds
    1n 3s
Type: String
Default: 60 (seconds)
Required: No
Configuration Section: TaskName or FetchTasks or Default
Example: HttpConnectTimeout=90
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