TaskName Configuration Parameters

This section describes the configuration parameters that you can use to configure fetch tasks for the HTTP Connector.

Some parameters can be set in more than one section of the configuration file. If a parameter is set in more than one section, the value of the parameter located in the most specific section overrides the value of the parameter defined in the other sections. For example, if a parameter can be set in "TaskName or FetchTasks or Default", the value in the TaskName section overrides the value in the FetchTasks section, which in turn overrides the value in the Default section. This means that you can set a default value for a parameter, and then override that value for specific tasks.

This document lists the configuration sections from most specific to least specific.

Startpoint Parameters

Directories Parameters

Limits Parameters

Date Parameters

Content Parameters

Login Parameters

Links Parameters

Site Parameters

Criteria Parameters

Proxy Parameters

Advanced Parameters