Text strings marking the start of custom links. This is used for custom links that are not written in standard HTML link format (for example, JavaScript links). Multiple strings must be separated by commas (with no space before or after a comma). Use NavLinkDefEndCSVs to specify strings marking the end of custom links.

To enable the HTTP Connector to follow the custom links defined by NavLinkDefStartCSVs and NavLinkDefEndCSVs, you must set the NavLinksToFollow parameter to 16.

You can specify strings to add to the start and end of the custom links with NavLinkDefPrefixCSVs and NavLinkDefPostfixCSVs.

In the following example, the connector recognizes any text displayed between url: and > or between "link: and " as a link.

Type: String
Default: 0
Required: No
Configuration Section: TaskName or Default
Example: NavLinkDefStartCSVs=url:,"link:
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