Enter one or more strings a page must contain. If the connector does not find one of these strings in the part of the document specified in the parameter MustHaveCheck, the page is discarded. Use MustHaveCheck to specify which parts of the page the connector should check for the specified strings, and whether the connector should check for the strings before or after the pages are downloaded.

Multiple strings must be separated by commas (with no space before or after a comma). You can use wildcards in the strings that you specify.

In the following example, the connector determines whether the part of the page specified in the parameter MustHaveCheck contains the strings news and latest (as part of a word or a whole word). If the page does not contain either of these strings, it is discarded.

Type: String
Required: No
Configuration Section: TaskName or Default
Example: MustHaveCSVs=*news*,*latest*
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