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Standardize Field Names
Field standardization renames document fields so that they follow a standard naming scheme. You can enable field standardization so that documents indexed into IDOL through different connectors use the same fields to store the same type of information.
For example, documents created by the File System Connector can have a field named FILEOWNER. Documents created by the Documentum Connector can have a field named owner_name. Both of these fields store the name of the person who owns a file. Field standardization renames the fields so that they have the same name.
Field standardization only renames fields that are specified in the standard naming scheme. The naming scheme is defined in XML format and is supplied with the connector.
TIP You can also configure CFS to run field standardization. Running field standardization from CFS means that you only need to configure field standardization once, rather than for all of your connectors. For information about how to run field standardization from CFS, refer to the Connector Framework Server Administration Guide.
To enable field standardization
In the [Connector] section, set the following parameters:
A Boolean that specifies whether to enable field standardization. Set this parameter to true.
The path to the XML file that contains the field names to use for field standardization.
For example: