Retrieve Data from a File System > Synchronize from Identifiers

Synchronize from Identifiers
The connector’s synchronize action searches a repository for document updates and sends these updates for ingestion (for example, to CFS, for indexing into IDOL Server).
You can use the identifiers parameter to synchronize a specific set of documents, whether they have been updated or not, and ignore other files. For example:
(where <identifiers> is a comma-separated list of identifiers that specifies the documents to synchronize).
For example, if some documents fail the ingestion process, and are indexed into an IDOL Error Server, you can use the identifiers parameter with the synchronize action to retrieve those documents again. You can retrieve a list of identifiers for the failed documents by sending a query to the IDOL Error Server. For more information about IDOL Error Server, refer to the IDOL Error Server Technical Note. For more information about the synchronize action, refer to the File System Connector (CFS) Reference.