Configure File System Connector > Reset the Connector

Reset the Connector
When the connector runs the synchronize action, it saves or updates a datastore file that stores information about the data retrieved from the repository. The next time the connector runs the synchronize action, it retrieves only data that is new or has been modified. The connector can also determine whether files or records have been deleted, and send this information to CFS so that related documents are removed from IDOL Server.
When you are configuring a connector, you might want to reset the connector. For example, if you make a change to the configuration you might want to retrieve all of your data again.
To reset a connector, follow these steps.
To reset a connector
Delete the actions folder. This ensures that information about incomplete and queued actions is deleted.
(Optional) Delete the logs folder. This ensures that the connector creates new log files, and messages related to actions and events before the reset are deleted.
Delete the datastore files. There is a datastore file for each fetch task that you configured in the connector’s configuration file. The files are named as follows: