Configure File System Connector > Modify Parameters

Modify Parameters
This section describes how to enter parameter values in the configuration file.
Enter Boolean Values
The following settings for Boolean parameters are interchangeable:
TRUE = true = ON = on = Y = y = 1
FALSE = false = OFF = off = N = n = 0
Enter String Values
Some parameters require string values that contain quotation marks. Escape each quotation mark by inserting a backslash before it.
For example:
FIELDSTART0="<font face=\"arial\"size=\"+1\"><b>"
Here, quotation marks indicate the beginning and end of the string. All quotation marks that are contained in the string are escaped.
If you want to enter a comma-separated list of strings for a parameter, and one of the strings contains a comma, you must indicate the start and the end of this string with quotation marks.
For example:
If any string in a comma-separated list contains quotation marks, you must put this string into quotation marks and escape each quotation mark in the string by inserting a backslash before it.
For example:
ParameterName="<font face=\"arial\"size=\"+1\"><b>",dog,bird,"wing,beak",turtle