Update File Metadata

The connector's update fetch action updates the metadata of files in the file system. You can change the following metadata:


When the connector is running on Windows and the file system is on a Windows server you can modify:

  • The Access Control List (ACL)
  • File creation time
  • Last access time
  • Last change time (the last time the security or sharing settings were changed)
  • Last modification time
  • Last access time
  • Last modification time

To use the update fetch action, the connector must have permission to modify files in the file system. If you are running the connector as a service and the user running the service does not have adequate permissions, set the configuration parameters UpdateUsername and UpdatePassword in the connector's configuration file. These parameters specify the user name and password of a user account to use to perform the updates.

To use the update fetch action, you must construct some XML that specifies the identifiers of the files to update, and provides the new values for any metadata fields that you want to change. Use the XML as the value of the action parameter identifiersXML. The XML must be URL-encoded before being used in the action command. For example:

                             &IdentifiersXML=URL-encoded XML

For information about how to construct the XML, see Construct XML to Update Access Control Lists and Construct XML to Update Dates.