Modify Configuration Parameter Values

You modify File System Connector configuration parameters by directly editing the parameters in the configuration file. When you set configuration parameter values, you must use UTF-8.

Caution: You must stop and restart File System Connector for new configuration settings to take effect.

This section describes how to enter parameter values in the configuration file.

Enter Boolean Values

The following settings for Boolean parameters are interchangeable:

TRUE = true = ON = on = Y = y = 1
FALSE = false = OFF = off = N = n = 0

Enter String Values

To enter a comma-separated list of strings when one of the strings contains a comma, you can indicate the start and the end of the string with quotation marks, for example:


Alternatively, you can escape the comma with a backslash:


If any string in a comma-separated list contains quotation marks, you must put this string into quotation marks and escape each quotation mark in the string by inserting a backslash before it. For example:

ParameterName="<font face=\"arial\" size=\"+1\"><b>","<p>"

Here, quotation marks indicate the beginning and end of the string. All quotation marks that are contained in the string are escaped.