LuaRegexMatch Methods

A LuaRegexMatch object provides information about the matches for a regular expression found in a string. For example, the regex_search function returns a LuaRegexMatch object.

If a match is found for a regular expression at multiple points in the string, you can use the next() method to get a LuaRegexMatch object for the next match.

If the regular expression contained sub-expressions (surrounded by parentheses) the methods of LuaRegexMatch objects can also be used to retrieve information about the sub-expression matches.

If you have a LuaRegexMatch object called match you can call its methods using the ":" operator. For example:

Method Description
length Returns the length of the sub match.
next Returns a LuaRegexMatch for the next match.
position Returns the position of the sub match as an index from 1.
size Returns the number of sub matches for the current match.
str Returns the string for the sub match.