Add a Field to Documents using an Ingest Action

To add a field to all documents retrieved by a fetch task, or all documents sent for ingestion, you can use an Ingest Action.

Note: To add a field only to selected documents, use a Lua script (see Run Lua Scripts). For an example Lua script that demonstrates how to add a field to a document, see Add a Field to a Document.

To add a field to documents using an Ingest Action

  1. Open the connector’s configuration file.
  2. Find one of the following sections in the configuration file:

    Note: If you set the IngestActions parameter in a [TaskName] section, the connector does not run any IngestActions set in the [Ingestion] section for documents retrieved by that task.

  3. Use the IngestActions parameter to specify the name of the field to add, and the field value. For example, to add a field named AUTN_NO_EXTRACT, with the value SET, type:

  4. Save and close the configuration file.