Specify the License Server Host and Port

To run File System Connector you must have an HPE License Server. You must specify the host name or IP address, and ACI Port, of the License Server in the File System Connector configuration file before starting the connector.

For more information about HPE License Server, refer to the License Server Administration Guide.

To specify the license server host and port

  1. Open the File System Connector configuration file, which is located in the installation folder.

  2. Modify the parameters in the [LICENSE] section to point to your License Server.

    LicenseServerHost The host name or IP address of your License Server.
    LicenseServerACIPort The ACI port of your License Server.
    LicenseServerTimeout (Optional) The amount of time (in milliseconds) that File System Connector should wait for a response from the License Server.
    LicenseServerRetries (Optional) The number of times that File System Connector should attempt to connect to the License Server if the first attempt is not successful.
  3. Save and close the configuration file.