Register with a Distributed Connector

To receive actions from a Distributed Connector, a connector must register with the Distributed Connector and join a connector group. A connector group is a group of similar connectors. The connectors in a group must be of the same type (for example, all HTTP Connectors), and must be able to access the same repository.

To configure a connector to register with a Distributed Connector, follow these steps. For more information about the Distributed Connector, refer to the Distributed Connector Administration Guide.

To register with a Distributed Connector

  1. Stop the connector.
  2. Open the connector’s configuration file in a text editor.
  3. In the [DistributedConnector] section, set the following parameters:

    RegisterConnector (Required) To register with a Distributed Connector, set this parameter to true.
    HostN (Required) The host name or IP address of the Distributed Connector.
    PortN (Required) The ACI port of the Distributed Connector.
    DataPortN (Optional) The data port of the Distributed Connector.
    ConnectorGroup (Required) The name of the connector group to join. The value of this parameter is passed to the Distributed Connector.
    ConnectorPriority (Optional) The Distributed Connector can distribute actions to connectors based on a priority value. The lower the value assigned to ConnectorPriority, the higher the probability that an action is assigned to this connector, rather than other connectors in the same connector group.
    SharedPath (Optional) The location of a shared folder that is accessible to all of the connectors in the ConnectorGroup. This folder is used to store the connectors’ datastore files, so that whichever connector in the group receives an action, it can access the information required to complete it. If you set the DataPortN parameter, the datastore file is streamed directly to the Distributed Connector, and this parameter is ignored.
  4. Save and close the configuration file.
  5. Start the connector.

    The connector registers with the Distributed Connector. When actions are sent to the Distributed Connector for the connector group that you configured, they are forwarded to this connector or to another connector in the group.