Returns the call stack at the current position of a paused session. The call stack shows the name of the function that is currently running, the function that called the current function, and so on, back to the starting point of the script.

Note: You can only use this command when Lua execution is paused, for example by a breakpoint or as a result of the break command. To set a breakpoint, use the set-breakpoint command.


Type: Synchronous

Parameter Name Description Required
Session To return the call stack for a single session, instead of every session, set this parameter to the session ID. You can retrieve a session ID by using the get-status command. No




<autnresponse xmlns:autn="">
      <session id="246a7677d3433b798dc8246b5ebf7b23">
          <function name="another_function" source="scripts/my_script.lua:30" /> 
          <function name="my_function" source="scripts/my_script.lua:25" /> 
          <function name="handler" source="scripts/my_script.lua:6" />