This action deletes documents from a repository by their identifiers. Remove and delete are different names for the same action.

Type: Asynchronous

Parameter Name Description Required
Config A base-64 encoded configuration. The configuration parameters that are set override the same parameters in the connector's configuration file. No
failedDirectory The directory in which the action reports failures. No
Identifiers A comma-separated list of document identifiers. The documents with these identifiers are removed from the repository. Yes

Any other action parameters that you set override settings in the connector's configuration file. For example:


where [Section] (optional) is the name of a configuration file section, Parameter is the name of a configuration parameter, and Value is the parameter value.





As this is an asynchronous action, you receive a token in response to the request. A sample response to the action (as retrieved using the QueueInfo action) appears below.

The following response shows that one document was deleted successfully.

        added="0"          collected="0"       deleted="1" 
        errors="0"         holds="0"           ingestadded="0" 
        ingestdeleted="0"  ingestfailed="0"    ingestupdated="0" 
        inserted="0"       releasedholds="0"   seen="0" 
        task="DIR1"        unchanged="0"       updated="0"/> 
  <queued_time>2009-Oct-15 16:43:17</queued_time>
  <process_start_time>2009-Oct-15 16:43:17</process_start_time>
  <process_end_time>2009-Oct-15 16:43:17</process_end_time>

If a document cannot be deleted successfully, the document identifier appears between <failed> tags and a message explains the reason for the failure:

  <failed message="File deletion failed: Access is denied.">