This action inserts a document or documents into a repository.


Type: Asynchronous

Parameter Name Description
Config Optional Base64 encoded configuration file. If this parameter is set, then the encoded configuration parameters are used instead of those in the connector configuration file.
ConfigSection The name of the task section in the connector's configuration file to use to insert the documents.
failedDirectory The directory in which the action reports failures.

XML containing all the properties to determine how and where to add each document, all the metadata, and optionally, a file to insert for each document. Some connectors require a file.

The data must be provided in XML format as below:

    <property name="propname" value="propvalue"/>
    <!-- ... -->
    <metadata name="fieldname" value="fieldvalue"/>
    <!-- ... -->
  <!-- ... -->

Most of the tags are optional.

  • insert. The insert tag can be omitted if a single document is being inserted.
  • reference, property, metadata. The usage of these tags depends on the connector used. For more information about using the insert fetch action, refer to Administration Guide for your connector.
  • section. The name of the task section (in the configuration file) to use to insert the document. The default value is specified by the ConfigSection action parameter, but if you specify a different value in the InsertXML, the value in the InsertXML takes priority.
  • file. Specifies information about the file to insert. If you include the <file> element, you must include at least <content>.
  • type. The type element specifies the type of data included in the following <content> element. Use one of the following values:

    • file - The content element contains a file name. The file is not owned by the connector, so the connector does not delete it after the action succeeds.
    • tempfile - The content element contains a file name. The file is owned by the connector and is deleted after the action succeeds.
    • content - The content element contains the body of the file base64 encoded.
    • drecontent - The content element contains the document DRECONTENT.
    • dataid - The file has been previously sent to the connector's DataPort with the dataid set in the content element.
  • displayname - used for logging and when writing the data to a temporary file.
  • insert_id. This tag is optional and specifies a unique ID for the document. The response to the insert fetch action reports which documents were successfully inserted by returning the specified IDs.


This example shows how to use a File System Connector to insert a file with the reference C:\Autonomy\FileSystemConnectorCFS\dir1\newfile.txt and the content This is my file into a file system.

  1. Construct the InsertXML:

    Note: The content This is my file is base64 encoded.

  2. The XML is then URL encoded and used in the Insert action.

For more information about using the insert fetch action, refer to Administration Guide for your connector.


As this is an asynchronous action, you receive a token in response to the request. A sample response to the action (as retrieved using the queueinfo action) appears below.

This response shows that the action has completed and that one document has been inserted, and gives the identifier of the new document.

  <queued_time>2013-Dec-12 10:39:02</queued_time>
  <process_start_time>2013-Dec-12 10:39:02</process_start_time>
  <process_end_time>2013-Dec-12 10:39:02</process_end_time>
      added="0"          collected="0"       deleted="0"
      errors="0"         holds="0"           ingestadded="0"
      ingestdeleted="0"  ingestfailed="0"    ingestupdated="0"
      inserted="1"       releasedholds="0"   seen="0"
      task="DIR1"        unchanged="0"       updated="0"/>
    <identifier insert_id="012345">

If a document cannot be inserted successfully, the insert_id specified in the action appears between <failed> tags and a message explains the reason for the failure. If an insert_id was not specified, the document identifier appears between the <failed> tags. For example:

   <failed message="Connector does not support insertion of metadata only">012345</failed>

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