LuaDocument Methods

This section describes the methods provided by the LuaDocument object. A LuaDocument allows you to access and modify the reference, metadata and content of a document.

If you have a LuaDocument object called document you can call its methods using the ':' operator. For example:

document:addField(name, value)
Method Description
addField Creates a new field.
addSection Add an empty section to the end of the document.
appendContent Appends content to the existing content of the document.
copyField Creates a new named field with the same value as an existing named field.
copyFieldNoOverwrite Copies a field to a certain name but does not overwrite the existing value.
countField Returns the number of fields with the name specified.
deleteField Removes a field from the document.
getContent Returns the document content.
getField Returns the first field with a specified name.
getFieldNames Returns all the field names for the document.
getFields Returns all fields with the specified name.
getFieldValue Gets a field value.
getFieldValues Gets all values of a multi-valued field.
getNextSection Gets the next section in a document, allowing you to perform find or add operations on every section.
getReference Returns the document reference.
getSection Returns a LuaDocument object with the specified section as the active section.
getSectionCount Returns the number of sections in the document.
getValueByPath Gets the value of the document field or sub field with the specified path.
getValuesByPath Gets all values of a multi-value document field or sub field, with the specified path.
hasField Checks whether the document has a named field.
insertXml Inserts XML metadata into a document.
insertXmlWithoutRoot Inserts XML metadata into a document.
renameField Renames a field.
setContent Sets the content for a document.
setFieldValue Sets a field value.
setReference Sets the document reference.
to_idx Returns a string containing the document in IDX format.
to_json Returns a string containing the document in JSON format.
to_xml Returns a string containing the document in XML format.
writeStubIdx Writes out a stub IDX document.
writeStubXml Writes out a stub XML document.