General Methods

Method Description
abs_path Returns the supplied path as an absolute path.
convert_date_time Converts date and time formats using standard Autonomy syntax.
convert_encoding Converts the encoding of a string from one character encoding to another.
copy_file Copies a file.
create_path Creates the specified directory tree.
create_uuid Creates a universally unique identifier.
delete_file Deletes a file.
doc_tracking Raises a document tracking event for a document.
encrypt Encrypts a string.
encrypt_security_field Encrypts the ACL.
file_setdates Modifies the properties of a file (for example created date, last modified date).
get_config Loads a configuration file.
get_log Returns a LuaLog object that provides the capability to use a log stream configured in the connector's configuration file.
get_task_config Returns a LuaConfig object that contains the configuration of the fetch task that called the script.
get_task_name Returns the name of the fetch task that called the script.
getcwd Returns the current working directory of the application.
gobble_whitespace Reduces multiple adjacent while spaces.
hash_file Hashes a file using the SHA1 or MD5 algorithm.
hash_string Hashes a string.
is_dir Checks if the supplied path is a directory.
log Appends log messages to a file.
move_file Moves a file.
parse_csv Parse comma-separated values into individual strings.
parse_xml Parse XML string to a LuaXmlDocument.
regex_match Performs a regular expression match on a string.
regex_replace_all Searches a string for matches to a regular expression, and replaces the matches.
regex_search Performs a regular expression search on a string.
send_aci_action Sends a query to an ACI server.
send_aci_command Sends a query to an ACI server.
send_and_wait_for_async_aci_action Sends a query to an ACI server and then waits for the action to finish. Use this method for sending asynchronous actions so that the action response is returned instead of a token.
sleep Pauses the running thread.
string_uint_less Compares the length of two strings.
unzip_file Extracts the contents of a zip file.
url_unescape Replaces URL escaped characters and returns a standard string.
xml_encode Takes a string and encodes it using XML escaping.
zip_file Zips the supplied path (file or directory).