Parameter and Command Reference > Parameters Common to CFS Connectors > Ingestion > IngesterType

Use this parameter to specify the type of ingestion process. The only allowed values are CFS, AsyncPiranha (alias for CFS), Connector, and ConnectorInsert (alias for Connector).
If this parameter is set to CFS, the IngestHost and IngestPort parameters point to a Connector Framework Server (CFS) (which can be used to import the documents and index them).
If this parameter is set to Connector, the IngestHost and IngestPort parameters point to another connector. Documents fetched from this repository by the synchronize action will be inserted into another repository using the connector specified. If this option is used, you will probably need to use the IngestActions parameter to convert the document into a form that can be handled by the other connector.
Note that the synchronize action can result in Add, Update and Delete ingest commands. Adds result in insert actions, Updates result in update actions, and Deletes result in delete actions being sent to the destination connector.
This parameter has an effect only if the EnableIngestion parameter is set to True.
TaskName or Ingestion