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Identifiers Fetch Action
This action is used to retrieve a list of document identifiers and optionally perform an action on them (currently only the collect action is available). It should not be used to perform queries that could be more efficiently performed through IDOL Server.
Type: Asynchronous
Optional Base64 encoded configuration file. If this parameter is specified, then the encoded configuration options is used instead of the options in the connector configuration file.
The name of the action to perform on the returned identifiers. If this action should be passed additional parameters, you should specify them as parameters to this action.
Additional parameters that are connector-specific and determine which identifiers to return.
As this is an asynchronous action, you receive a token in response to the request. A sample response to the action (as retrieved using the QueueInfo action) appears below.
This shows that the action has completed. The identifiers are listed in between the <identifiers> tags.
   added="0"          collected="0"       deleted="0"
   errors="0"         holds="0"           ingestadded="0"
   ingestdeleted="0"  ingestfailed="0"    ingestupdated="0"
   inserted="0"       releasedholds="0"   seen="0"
   task="DIR1"        unchanged="0"       updated="0"/>
   PGlkIHM9IkRJUjEiIHI9IkM6XEF1dG9ub215XEZpbGVTeXN0ZW1Db25uZWN0b3J   DRlNcZGlyMVxuZXdmaWxlLnR4dCIvPg==
 <queued_time>2009-Oct-15 16:36:32</queued_time>
 <process_start_time>2009-Oct-15 16:36:32</process_start_time>
 <process_end_time>2009-Oct-15 16:36:32</process_end_time>
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