The _SELECTS element is used to extract selectable attributes of an object or relationship, and insert the values of the attributes into the document metadata. The attributes to select are specified by populating the element with a comma separated list of attribute names (see Example).

Attribute Description

The name of the metadata field to contain the attribute values. If node_name is not specified, the escaped form of the attribute names are used. node_name only adds structure to the metadata and does not affect the metadata itself.

When name_attr is specified, node_name instead specifies the field name to be generated for each selectable attribute. No parent field is generated in this case. The selectable attribute name is stored as a field attribute value and not as the field name.

If node_name is not specified, but name_attr is specified, the default field name select is used.


The name of the XML metadata attribute to contain the selected attribute name.


The following XML can be used in the DocumentsXML file:

      <_SELECTS node_name="select" name_attr="name"/>id,description</SELECTS>


The following XML is created in the indexed document:

   <select name="id">14.70.369.258</select>
   <select name="description">something</select>