DocumentsXML Overview

The Enovia Connector retrieves files and data from an Enovia repository. The documents sent by the connector for indexing include metadata in XML format.

An XML file is used to specify what is retrieved from the repository, and how the XML metadata is structured. The name of this file is specified by the DocumentsXML parameter in the connector’s configuration file.

This section describes the XML elements that can be used in the DocumentsXML file.

The DocumentsXML file has the following structure:

   <DOCUMENT document_name=”[A name to identify all documents generated from this definition]”>
      [Elements and attributes to define the objects,
      relationships and attributes retrieved, and how they
      appear in the document metadata].
   [Resource elements other than DOCUMENT. Resource elements
   can be included from within DOCUMENT elements or from other
   resource elements].

The DOCUMENTS element is the root element in the XML, and contains the DOCUMENT definitions for the current task.

The DOCUMENT element defines the query parameters for retrieving business objects from the Enovia repository. The DOCUMENT element also represents the root of the XML metadata for each business object that is indexed.

The children of the DOCUMENT element are used to build the XML metadata. These elements are also used to define which business object attributes to retrieve, which relationships to follow, and which attributes of the relationships and related objects to retrieve.

To help manage larger structures, you can use the _INCLUDE element to insert repeated fragments of XML. The XML fragments can appear anywhere in the DocumentsXML file and are referenced by XPath expressions. The XML fragments are typically inserted as children of the root DOCUMENTS element so that they do not interfere with the DOCUMENT definitions.