Create a New Fetch Task

To retrieve data from an Enovia repository, create a new fetch task by following these steps.

To create a new fetch task

  1. Create an XML file to specify the data to retrieve from the repository and define the structure of the metadata that is indexed. For more information about creating the XML template, see Create the XML Template.
  2. Stop the connector.
  3. Open the connector configuration file in a text editor.
  4. In the [FetchTasks] section of the configuration file, specify the number of fetch tasks using the Number parameter. If you are configuring the first fetch task, type Number=1. If one or more fetch tasks have already been configured, increase the value of the Number parameter by one (1). Below the Number parameter, specify the names of the fetch tasks, starting from zero (0). For example:


    The fetch tasks that you configure are run in sequence. If you want to run tasks in parallel, set the TaskThreads parameter.

  5. Below the [FetchTasks] section, create a new TaskName section. The name of the section must match the name of the new fetch task. For example:

  6. In the new section, set the following parameters.

    DocumentsXML The name of the XML template that describes the data you want to index into IDOL Server.
    Hostname The host name or IP address of the Enovia server.
    Username The user name to use to log on to the Enovia server. The user name can be encrypted.
    Password The password to use to log on to the Enovia server. The password can be encrypted. For information about how to encrypt parameter values, see Encrypt Passwords.
    Vaultname The name of the vault from which you want to retrieve data.

    For example:

  7. Save and close the configuration file. You can now start the connector.