The class path to use, including all dependencies of the connector. This must include the class specified by the JavaConnectorClass parameter.

The Java class path must point to all the jar files found in the lib directory when the connector is installed. This must include JavaConnector.jar and usually includes one other connector file (ConnectorName.jar) plus any number of dependencies, properties files, or other resources required by the libraries.

You can use the * wildcard to specify multiple files, for example *.jar.

To specify multiple values, separate the values with semi-colons (on Windows platforms) or colons (on UNIX or Linux). This parameter does not accept a comma-separated list. You can use numbered parameters, as shown in the following example.

Type: String
Default: ".", "./*.jar", "./lib" and "./lib/*.jar"
Required: Yes
Configuration Section: Connector




See Also: JavaConnectorClass