The set_config method specifies settings to use for sending the HTTP request (in the form of a section from a configuration file). For example, you can specify the proxy server to use by setting the parameters ProxyHost and ProxyPort, or specify the SSL version to use by setting SSLMethod.


set_config( config, section )


Argument Description
config (LuaConfig) The LuaConfig object that contains the settings for sending the HTTP request. To obtain a LuaConfig object, see the function get_config or LuaConfig:new.
section (string) The name of the configuration section from which to read the settings.


The following example creates a new LuaConfig object from a string. Usually you would read the configuration settings from the configuration file using the function get_config. It then uses the LuaConfig object to provide settings for a LuaHttpRequest named request.

local config_string = [===[

local config = LuaConfig:new(config_string)
request:set_config(config, "HTTP")