Insert Items into Dropbox

The connector's insert fetch action inserts files into Dropbox. To use the insert action, you must construct some XML that specifies where to add each item, and the information to insert. URL encode the XML and add it to the action as the value of the insertXML action parameter. For example:

                          &InsertXML=[URL encoded XML]

The insertXML provided to the HPE Dropbox Connector must include the following properties:

PATH The desired destination path of the file in Dropbox, relative to the top-level accessible folder.

If you are inserting documents into Dropbox for Business, you must also set one of the following properties:

TEAM_MEMBER_ID (Dropbox for Business only) The team member ID of the account to insert the document into.
EMAIL (Dropbox for Business only) The e-mail address of the account to insert the document into.

For example:

     <property name="PATH" value="/folder/file.txt"/>
     <property name="TEAM_MEMBER_ID" value="12345ABCD"/>

The <file> element contains the file to insert into the Dropbox repository. You can supply the path to a file, base-64 encoded content, or choose to send the file to the connector's data port. For more information about the insert fetch action and the XML elements you can use in the insertXML parameter, refer to the HPE Dropbox Connector Reference.