Use the Connector Logs

As the HPE Dropbox Connector runs, it outputs messages to its logs. Most log messages occur due to normal operation, for example when the connector starts, receives actions, or sends documents for ingestion. If the connector encounters an error, the logs are the first place to look for information to help troubleshoot the problem.

The connector separates messages into the following message types, each of which relates to specific features:

Log Message Type Description
Action Logs actions that are received by the connector, and related messages.
Application Logs application-related occurrences, such as when the connector starts.
Collect Messages related to the Collect fetch action.
Delete Messages related to the Delete fetch action.
Insert Messages related to the Insert fetch action.
Synchronize Messages related to the Synchronize fetch action.
SynchronizeGroups Messages related to the SynchronizeGroups fetch action.
View Messages related to the View action.