Configure OAuth Authentication

You must configure OAuth authentication so that the connector can authenticate with Dropbox.

Use the OAuth Configuration Tool

HPE recommends that you use the OAuth configuration tool to obtain OAuth tokens. You can also Obtain OAuth Tokens Manually.

To configure OAuth authentication

  1. Open the folder where you installed the connector.
  2. Open the file oauth_tool.cfg in a text editor.
  3. In the [Default] section, specify any SSL or proxy settings necessary to connect to Dropbox:

    SSLMethod The version of SSL/TLS to use.
    ProxyHost The host name or IP address of the proxy server that the connector must use.
    ProxyPort The port of the proxy server that the connector must use.

    For example:

  4. In the [OAuthTool] section, set the following parameters:

    AppKey The application key that was provided when you set up an application to represent the connector.
    AppSecret The application secret that was provided when you set up an application to represent the connector.

    Do not modify the other parameters in this section.

  5. Open a command-line window and run oauth_tool.exe.

    Your default web browser opens to the Dropbox web site. The web page asks you to authorize the connector to access Dropbox.

  6. Authorize the application by entering the credentials of the account that you want to ingest data from.

    The OAuth tool creates a file named oauth.cfg, which contains the parameters that the connector requires to authenticate with Dropbox. You can merge these parameters into the connector configuration file using the following syntax:

    [FetchTasks] < "oauth.cfg" [OAUTH]

    For more information about including parameters from another file, see Include an External Configuration File.

    The OAuth tool also prints the parameters it has set to the command-line window.

  7. You can now configure a task to retrieve data from Dropbox. See Retrieve Files from Dropbox or Retrieve Files from Dropbox for Business.

Obtain OAuth Tokens Manually

You can obtain OAuth tokens using the tools at For more information about how to obtain an OAuth token, refer to the Dropbox developer documentation.

After you have obtained the OAuth token, open the connector configuration file and set the following configuration parameters:

AccessToken The access token that the connector must use to access the Dropbox account.
AppKey The application key for the application that you created to represent the connector. You only need to include this parameter if the Dropbox application has access only to a dedicated application folder (FullDropboxAccess=FALSE).

To use the same OAuth settings for all fetch tasks, set these parameters in the [FetchTasks] section. If you want to retrieve data through different Dropbox accounts, you can set these parameters in the [TaskName] section.