View Connector Statistics

AEM Connector collects statistics about the work it has completed. The statistics that are available depend on the connector you are using, but all connectors provide information about the number and frequency of ingest-adds, ingest-updates, and ingest-deletes.

To view connector statistics

The connector includes an XSL template (ConnectorStatistics.tmpl) that you can use to visualize the statistics. You can use the template by adding the template parameter to the request:


When you are using the ConnectorStatistics template, you can also add the filter parameter to the request to return specific statistics. The filter parameter accepts a regular expression that matches against the string autnid::name, where autnid and name are the values of the corresponding attributes in the XML returned by the GetStatistics action. For example, the following request returns statistics only for synchronize actions:


The following request returns statistics only for the task mytask:


The following image shows some example statistics returned by a connector:

Above each chart is a title, for example SYNCHRONIZE:MYTASK, that specifies the action and task to which the statistics belong.

You can see from the example that in the last 60 seconds, the connector has generated an average of approximately 0.4 ingest-adds per second. In the charts, partially transparent bars indicate that the connector has not completed collecting information for those time intervals. The information used to generate statistics is stored in memory, so is lost if you stop the connector.

The following information is presented above the chart for each statistic: