List of message types to log. Type one or more of the following message types to specify the type of messages written to the associated log file. If you want to type multiple message types, separate them with commas (there must be no space before or after a comma):

Option Description
All Components
Action Logs actions and related messages.
Application Logs application-related occurrences.
Collect Messages related to the Collect fetch action.
Delete Messages related to the Delete fetch action (which deletes documents from the repository).
Hold Messages related to the Hold and ReleaseHold fetch actions (which apply and release legal holds).
Identifiers Messages related to the Identifiers fetch action (which requests document lists from the repository).
Insert Messages related to the Insert fetch action (which inserts information into the repository).
Synchronize Messages related to the Synchronize fetch action.
SynchronizeGroups Messages related to the SynchronizeGroups fetch action.
Update Messages related to the Update fetch action (which updates the metadata of items in the repository).
View Messages related to the View action.

These log types can be used to log messages for custom combinations of actions and tasks. Replace ActionName with the name of a fetch action, such as synchronize or collect, or the name of a synchronous action such as view or getURI. Replace TaskNameRegex with a regular expression that matches one or more fetch task names.


To log messages for the synchronize action, but only for the task 'MyTask1':


To log messages for the synchronize action, for tasks where the task name begins with 'MyTask':


To log messages for all synchronize tasks:


This is not the same as LogTypeCSVs=synchronize. The log messages about tasks starting and finishing are written to the synchronize log type but not to synchronize:*, which captures messages generated while the tasks are running.

To log messages for all actions, but only for the task 'MyTask1':


Order of Precedence

The connector writes a log message to the first log stream that has a relevant log type configured. For example, if you configure a log stream with LogTypeCSVs=synchronize:MyTask1 and a second log stream with LogTypeCSVs=*:MyTask1, the second log stream does not receive messages related to the synchronize fetch action.

The order of precedence is as follows:

  1. Messages are written to all log streams with LogTypeCSVs matching ActionName:TaskNameRegex
  2. Messages not logged by (1) are then written to all log streams with LogTypeCSVs matching ActionName:*
  3. Messages not logged by (1) or (2) are then written to all log streams with LogTypeCSVs matching *:TaskNameRegex
  4. Messages not logged by (1), (2), or (3) are then written to all log streams with LogTypeCSVs matching *:*
  5. Any remaining messages are written to the default log type for the action (for example synchronize)

You can configure a maximum of 64 entries for LogTypeCSVs, across all log streams.

Type: String
Default: None
Required: Yes
Configuration Section: LogStream
Example: LogTypeCSVs=Application,Index
See Also: LogFile